Rob and Chyna's Nasty Custody Battle Is Finally Over

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Arthur George sock designer Rob Kardashian and Fashion Nova spokeswoman Blac Chyna have finally come to an agreement in their bitter custody battle over 10-month-old daughter Dream.

After nasty legal fights over Chyna’s alleged drug use and Rob’s alleged abusive behavior, TMZ reports the couple has agreed to joint custody (with Rob getting “a skosh more than 50%”), and monthly child support payments of $20k to Chyna.

Agreeing on that number wasn’t easy, however, as Rob originally wanted to hand over just $10k a month. After Chyna countered with $50k, they met in the middle in exchange for her dropping “her domestic violence allegations” against Rob. Wow! I hate all of this.


But however you feel about these two reality TV stars, it’s nice to know Dream’s life will be a little less chaotic. Just look at this cute baby!!!!! Look at her!!!


PSA: Busy Philipps is NOT Sarah Huckabee Sanders

In a failed attempt to drag Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to hell, Chairman of The Democratic Coalition Jon Cooper called out a photo of Sanders from her high school years. The problem? It wan’t actually a photo of Sanders from her high school years; it was a photo of Busy Philipps on the set of Freaks & Geeks.


Though Cooper’s original tweet has since been deleted, screenshots remain.

Image via screengrab.
Image via screengrab.

Busy was quick to express herself through tweets:


Some sad news: Busy Philipps is actually dead now. :(

[Entertainment Weekly]

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I don’t understand how child support works. He has the kid “a skosh more than 50%”, but he has to pay her $20k a month. Does she have to prove this money is being spent (or saved!) for Dream? Is it possible to spend that much on kid every month when they are with you half the time? Is it because he somehow has a larger net worth than Chyna that he has to pay her? Like I said I don’t understand.