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Rihanna's Newest Brand Is Going to Be Extremely Luxurious

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Rihanna is not half-assing it with these fashion and beauty side projects like so many celebrities do. First, there was her Fenty beauty line complete with a super inclusive shade range, and then she moved into lingerie with her Savage x Fenty line. And both lines had a serious attention to detail, quality, and diversity when it came to shades and sizing. Where will she go from here? Even further into luxury fashion!


WWD reports that luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton has been in “secret discussions” to launch a luxury fashion house with Rihanna. Since Rihanna might be stylish but not a designer, the company has reportedly picked employees from places like Louis Vuitton and Celine to work on the project with her. The collection will reportedly include “ready-to-wear, leather goods and accessories.” Rihanna was also seen wearing a pair of glasses that had a FENTY logo on them a few days ago.

Working with LVMH is a big deal and it’s hard to imagine any other artist right now striking a similar deal (sorry not sorry, Kanye.) Rihanna is also reportedly working on two new albums at the same time (whether that means they’ll be released at the same time is unclear) and has confirmed she’s dropping a new album in 2019. So get ready to listen to new Rihanna in 2019, all while wearing your Rihanna makeup and your fancy Rihanna clothes over your fancy Rihanna lingerie!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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I checked out the Savage x fenty lingerie, and was terribly disappointed. I wasn’t a huge fan of the designs, but that’s fine, we all have different tastes. The real problem was the production quality. The fabric was scratchy and stiff, the elastic obviously cheap and old (crackly, losing its stretch). It was utter garbage. Some of it was nice! The silk garments were fabulous. But the lace was atrocious.