Badass feminists have taken this sexist world by storm, and filmaker Jennifer Lee documents a few of them in her new documentary, Feminist Stories from Women's Liberation. The film just won "Best of the Fest" in the Documentary category at the 2013 Los Angeles Women's Film Festival, and it looks like we all might need to see it.

About the documentary, Lee writes:

In this film I tell some of these stories. I chose to tell the stories from 1963 through 1970. I can't tell all of them because there were so many. I can't interview all the feminists from that time, they are far too numerous. The names of these events and feminists aren't well-known. You may not have heard of The Statue of Liberty takeover, the 'memo' that ignited young women across the country to demand "liberation," the Jeanette Rankin Brigade. Names like Vivian Rothstein, Frances M. Beal, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Aileen Hernandez are not names of women we associate with a revolution, but they were there. These events, and the feminists are an important part of American history. These are necessary stories to remember because women still have further to go. Standing here in the 21st century I can see that there is so much to learn about a time when a relatively small group of women gave a voice to the feelings of millions of women.

No word yet on where to see the film, but word should be on Twitter and Facebook when it's available.