Riff Raff Exacts Revenge on James Franco by Landing 'One Life to Live' Role

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Riff Raff will be infringing upon James Franco's territory with a hyped-up guest spot on a daytime soap. Just like Franco's stint on General Hospital, Riff Raff will be guest starring on One Life to Live playing a Miami art dealer named, wait for it: Jamie Franko.


Riff Raff was all pissed off that James Franco not only based his Spring Breakers character on him, but then later denied it. He's also pissed off that Harmony Korine didn't use him in the film (he says that his "people" were too late getting back to Korine's email requests). But now he's getting back at Franco by pretending to be him. From the looks of the still above, it looks like he didn't really commit to the role.

Riff Raff Is Guest Starring on Soap Opera "One Life to Live" [Complex]

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