Riff Raff Denies Sexual Misconduct and Assault Allegations

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Rapper Riff Raff has denied recent allegations of sexual misconduct in a new video posted to his Instagram.

Riff Raff writes in the caption that the clip is from a forthcoming 13-minute movie called “Trial by Media,” which concerns false allegations. In the clip, appearing beside director Sarah B. Downey, Riff Raff says: “Never once have I forced a girl to have sex, never once have I forced a girl to do any type of drugs. I don’t want to have a girl drunk and sleepy.”


Earlier this month, a Melbourne woman named Eliza Stafford came forward on Facebook to accuse the rapper of sexual assaulting her in 2013. Riff Raff’s Australian and New Zealand tour was swiftly canceled and Jezebel spoke with a second woman, Kelsey Doucette, who accused the rapper of sexual misconduct when she was a minor in 2015.

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