If you're a strong, proud woman or man, you've probably been told many times not to change who you are for anyone else because you are a bright bold star. That's better said than done though. Even for those with the strongest constitutions, it's so easy to just make up a little lie, or go the extra mile (literally, to walk far) to meet someone on their level and get yours. We've gathered a list of some moments that have made people behave not like themselves.

  • gone to see multiple pretentious art house films
  • gone to see horror movies
  • "I watched videos of sharks jumping out of the water to eat seals for a guy who did not end up sleeping with me."
  • "One time I told someone I was an amateur playwright and then he asked me what my plays were called and I cracked under pressure and said 'they're all untitled. They're very experimental.'"
  • pretended to like their dog/cat, despite having an active apathy for domesticated animals
  • "I started wearing vanilla scented lotion because I overheard a guy once say he liked vanilla scented lotion."
  • joined the swim team
  • pretended to care about music at all
  • pretended that Mississippi accents didn't make a guy seem dumb
  • "I pretended I gave a shit about competitive cycling for like two hours once (Waste of time, he sucked in bed)."
  • "STAR TREK, case closed."
  • offered a back rub
  • dyed hair blonde
  • "I used to talk about the 1991 Minnesota Twins a lot to impress guys. I still THINK about the 1991 Minnesota Twins a lot; I just don't talk about them as much."
  • "I TRAVELED TO NEW JERSEY (sorry Jersey people)"

Have you ever changed yourself for a wo/man – and were those 120 minutes in a dark theater watching inexplicable nonsense worth it?

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