Rick Perry Corrects His Wife on What She Thinks About Abortion

Anita Perry, wife of talking pineapple/Texas governor Rick Perry, said some pretty sensible stuff about a woman's right to choose, and boy, oh boy, he did not like that.

Anita Perry told Evan Smith at the 2013 Texas Tribune Festival that abortion “could be a women’s right.” Yes, it absolutely could, Mrs. Perry, if your husband would stop trying to make sure it's not.


Obviously, Big Man Perry had to correct his lil' lady's misspoken crazy talk (who gave the mic to her vagina?!). In front of a crowd in Smithville, New Jersey, he said “From time to time we’ll stick the wrong word in the wrong place, and you pounce upon it.”

But the thing is — she didn't stick one wrong word in there, she talked a lot about how while she wouldn't choose an abortion for herself, she believes it's every woman's individual choice. Which is how many pro-choice women feel about abortion — maybe it's not something they would consider, but it's absolutely the right of each individual woman.

It sounds like the Rick should start listening to his wife on lady issues. Either that, or Anita should consider voting for Wendy Davis in Texas' next gubernatorial election.

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There are a lot of things that couples can compromise on. I never thought I could be involved with someone who wasn't from a Christian background, but then I met my (now) husband and realized it's not such a divider after all. But I honestly cannot imagine trying to form a life with someone who wants to control such a vital part of me. Are there any Jezzies out there who have made it work with extreme conservatives like this? What do you think you could compromise for the sake of a marriage?