RHOA's Claudia Jordan Confirms Jamie Foxx Is Dating Katie Holmes, Says He's 'Very Happy With Her'

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are in love. This has never been confirmed by them, of course, but it has been drilled into our heads (or at least my own) by nearly every issue of Us Weekly since March of 2015, when the tabloid published a blurry photo of the two of them holding hands.

Katie and Jamie are in love! Katie and Jamie are getting married! Katie and Jamie are already married! Katie and Jamie’s hearts have merged into a single, gorgeous heart that pumps pure love across both their sexy, inseparable bodies! Suri calls Jamie “Dad” and Katie calls Jamie “Literally the only good man I have ever met and proof that God is real.” That’s what the tabloids have been telling us for over a year. And yet, in all that time, no one close to the alleged couple has confirmed the relationship. Until now.

In an appearance on the podcast Allegedly... hosted by Theo Von and Matthew Cole, Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Claudia Jordan said it’s completely legit. When asked if she’s ever been in a romantic relationship with Foxx, Jordan said no, but added that he is a “good friend” of hers.


Von and Cole followed up by asking what she thought of Foxx’s alleged relationship with Holmes. Said Jordan:

He is very happy with her, so. I like that he seems very happy.

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This makes me happy. I’m a fan. Let me make a ship name. Foxie. But damn lady, they were obviously keeping it hush for a reason.