Retired Playboy Bunnies Seem Like Ladies We'd Want To Hang Out With

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Photographer Robyn Twomey — who I got all excited about when I first saw her name because I thought she was Robin Tunney from The Craft but no, she's not — has some stunning portraits of former Playboy Bunnies. I want to hangout with each of these women and learn all about them and then write plays about their lives. Or, at least hear some of their stories because you know they have sto-ries. I bet if they'd made that dumb Playboy TV show about these ladies instead of making it a crappy version of Mad Men, it'd still be on the air. TV has really got to get it together.


Check out all the photos and Twomey's other rad photography and fall down the internet's butthole for a few hours of past playmate perusal.

h/t Flavorwire

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I love the shout out to Sarah. The Craft is one of my favourite films from my early teens and I so wanted to be her.