Report: Taylor Swift Is in a 'Normal' Relationship

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Taylor Swift has largely stayed out of the public eye this year, and friends, that appears to be by design.


About a year and seven months since her relationship with British person Joe Alwyn was made public, Swift has discovered the benefits of never leaving the house, according to US Weekly, and much prefers things that way. “Joe’s really shown her a different lifestyle and the value of privacy,” a source tells US.

That’s nice; all it took was dating a less Famous to figure out that starting beef with other celebrities is not a hobby. The homebody lifestyle must be a refreshing change of pace for Swift, who notoriously went to great lengths to avoid paparazzi; if nothing else, it’s easier than leaving the house in a suitcase, not that she ever did that, or walking down a mountain backwards, which she admitted to doing.

A source says that Swift is the “happiest she’s ever been” living her JOMO-life with Alwyn. What do they do with all their spare time together? Reportedly, they are “very low-key and normal. They work out, watch movies together and have friends over.” Personally, I will never understand couples who work out, but the rest of that sounds extremely normal and low-key. Swift and Alwyn still go out every once in a while—they’ve also been known to “check out the local pubs” around London.

Local culture! They love it! Do you think they order fish and chips at the bar?

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Honestly its simply sounds like she’s doing what every late 20's person does and realizes going out constantly becomes exhausting. I went from going out almost nightly, to now like two times a month at most.