Report: Joe Jackson Suffers a Stroke After Popping Viagra

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Joe Jackson, celebrated patriarch of the Jackson clan, is making headlines again. This time it’s because the father of Janet, Michael, LaToya, and Tito allegedly had a little too much chemical help keeping his erection going for romantic encounters with beautiful younger women in Brazil.


Radar reports that the 87-year-old Jackson was rushed to the hospital on July 26th when he began complaining about “feeling unwell.” The symptoms were confirmed as a stroke and Jackson suffered three heart attacks upon arrival at the hospital. A pacemaker was inserted and Jackson was able to leave the hospital on Tuesday. Jackson’s rep claims that his medical difficulties had nothing to do with sex, but not everyone’s buying it—especially not Brazilian newspapers, which are reporting that Jackson had just partied way too hard in anticipation of his birthday party.

Jackson was seen with a number of beautiful young women, including a busty redhead, in the nights leading to his $200,000 birthday bash in South America, swilling caipirinha cocktail, a local favorite. He “overdid it” in the nights leading to the planned party, the Brazilian newspaper Diario de Sao Paulo reported, most notably taking “three little blue pills” to achieve an erection.

“It was too much for him,” the paper reported.

The Daily Mail spoke to Jackson’s rep who said that rumors like this follow Jackson no matter what part of the world he’s in. Additionally, The Mail reports that the women Jackson was seen with are his private dancers and don’t have sex with him. Their only job, allegedly, is to dance for Jackson to “soothe his notoriously explosive temperament,” but this is The Mail, so take that with a grain of salt.

While Jackson’s okay for now, sources close to the family tell Radar that they’re worried about him and his health and are concerned that Jackson might be “on the verge of death.”

Jackson’s $200,000 party went on without him at his request.

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