Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston to Star in TV Series About the New York Media Scene

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

This just in: Jennifer Aniston is finally returning to TV, more than a decade after she got back together with Ross. According to a story published by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (coming off her excellent, Emmy-nominated performance in the HBO limited series Big Little Lies) will star in an “untitled series exploring morning shows and the larger New York media scene that they inhabit.”

Premium cable outlets, like HBO, and streaming services, like Netflix, are expected to bid maximally when the project goes on the market. The show’s premise is apparently “an original idea,” and the series will be headed by HBO alum Michael Ellenberg’s new production company Media Res (which means the show itself cannot be called that, thank god).


Aniston told Variety in January that she’d been thinking seriously about returning to TV. “That’s where the work is,” said Aniston, “That’s where the quality is. At this point in my career, I want to be part of wonderful stories, exciting characters, and also just having a good time.” If Aniston and Witherspoon’s chemistry on Friends is any indication (Witherspoon played Aniston’s little sister) this will be the good time Aniston had hoped for.

I’m envisioning lots of Hamptons yacht parties in the summer. Maybe a social media spat or two with the President over the alleged bloodiness of a co-host’s facelift. Anyway, plenty of fodder for the real New York media to recap and war about on Twitter.

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Mrs. Fingerbottom

I like Reese well enough, but am I seriously the only one who did not think Big Little Lies was excellent? Or even very good? Granted I stopped watching after a few episodes and maybe it picked up, but somehow I found it boring and over the top at the same time. I had the distinct feeling that nobody would have given a shit about it had it not been for the all star cast. It looked expensive and it had actors you’d usually only see in big movies which is kind of cool, but I just didn’t get it!