Who are all these rich, almost-completely white people? Here’s a breakdown:

Joel Klein: Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education; then Executive Vice President of News Corps.; now an executive at New York-based health start-up Oscar.


Alan Patricof: Investor; founder and chairman of New York Magazine; a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton, though he often lunched with Young Jared Kushner.

Boyden Gray: Former counsel to President Bush and a main architect of the Clean Air Act; former ambassador to the E.U.

Chris Ruddy: CEO of Newsmax; Trump confidant.

Katharine Weymouth: The former publisher of the Washington Post; daughter of Lally Waymouth.


Mary Jordan: Washington Post correspondent “currently traveling America writing about the Trump era.”

Richard Cohen: Washington Post columnist.

Margaret Carlson: Bloomberg News columnist; the first female columnist at Time.

Gillian Tett: U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times.

Steve Clemons: Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic.

Robert Hormats: Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates.

Carl Icahn: Billionaire investor.

Charles Koch: One half of the infamous Koch brothers and CEO of Koch Industries.


John Paulson: An investor and one of Trump’s top economic advisers during his campaign.

Dina Powell: The U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to Trump, evidently hand-fed to him by Mika Brzezinski.


Richard Edelman: Founder of the PR firm Edelman Group.

Maria Bartiromo: Anchor at FOX News.

Ray Kelly: Former Commissioner of the NYPD.

Bill Bratton: Ibid.

Jeff Rosen: Legal commentator.

William Drozdiak: A non-resident senior fellow at Brookings Center of the United States and Europe; senior advisor for McLarty and Associates.


Steven Spielberg is there too, unfortunately for him.