Real L Word Preview: The Scoop On Lesbians' Vaginas

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In the new trailer for Showtime's The Real L Word, the castmates say they hope the show portrays lesbians in a positive light. Unfortunately, the people behind the poster took that literally, and Photoshopped a sunset bursting from their vaginas.


But who are we to judge? According to the video below, "It doesn't matter what you've got between your legs or who you're sleeping with in bed." Even if it's a palm tree.

We learn in this clip that you can have a career in fashion even if you grow up in the projects with the Crips and the Bloods shooting at each other (isn't that what Anna Wintour's childhood was like?) Also, one of the characters was the inspiration for Papi on The L Word, or as put by Autostraddle, "Did you know that the character of Papi was not, in fact, based on a conglomerate of one-dimensional stereotypes about Latina women and was, in fact, a direct representation of an actual human being? Me neither."

The best part of the trailer is when one woman declares, "I have faith that the show is going to really accurately portray who we are and really celebrate us." Then the sexy voice-over lady says the show's about, "Real life. Real drama. Real lesbians." Cue the shots of pretty ladies kissing!

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I hang out with a group of about eight lesbians I consider fairly close friends and go with them to the local gay/lesbian bar fairly often. I've been doing this for eight years and in that time I've met exactly one lesbian who looked even remotely like the women in this picture.

That makes me want to say this show is just for men, but when I sent this link to my best lez her comment was "I'd do them."

(That said, Louise has a fetish for seducing young straight girls, so her reaction is not that indicative of whether average lesbians look anything like these people.)