First Look: The Real L Word Is Heavy On The Lipstick

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There's not a lot of talking in this teaser for Showtime's The Real L Word, its reality followup to the now-defunct series. There are, however, lots of tight shots of the sensual stuff: lips, crotches, breasts encased in beaded bras.


Can you count "Oooh! Ahh!" and sundry moaning as words? And what about this, uttered by the characters (who are, um, real people?): "For one girl that says no, there are ten that are gonna say yes. You just gotta find them." Right.



What I don't understand is why we can't get more diverse looks a lesbian/bi/gay/trans/queer life. It's always one thing or another, usually focusing on what is either most appealing or most "shocking" to straight culture.

I'm all for showing "real" lesbians, but that's the thing. This isn't even close to the diversity I see in lesbian culture.

And frankly, the effort to ignore, push away, or play down the butch/dyke or non-cisgender lesbians disturbs me. They're becoming invisible and I think that's incredibly bad. If it's only okay to be a lesbian so long as you're conventionally attractive, and appeal to hetero men, that's kind of the opposite of helpful.