Real Housewives: Tamra's Husband Files For Divorce

Last night's episode demonstrated that the writing is on the wall regarding Tamra and Simon's marriage. Along with their money problems, Tamra's adult son says he hates her husband. This week, Simon filed for divorce, citing Tamra's "acts of infidelity."

The day before filing, Simon had a pretty nasty (and frankly, insanely immature) blog post on Bravo's site about his soon-to-be ex-wife. Last night, Tamra appeared live on Watch What Happens, denying any allegations of infidelity, and said that she learned of the divorce through the internet.

In other news, who in the hell do Gretchen and Slade think they are, trying to tell Lynne how to raise her daughter? First of all, Slade was arrested for not paying child support for his son who is terminally ill. Secondly, Gretchen cites her experience with her late fiancé's children as her qualification for raising children. Except that one of them actually ended up on Rock of Love Bus, which essentially is a parenting fail.




i love how when she found out about the divorce and "infidelities," she TEXTED him.