Real Housewives: Ramona Singer, Age 53

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Last night's episode featured Ramona's long-awaited debut as a wide-eyed fashion model. She really is turning out to be the star of this season, upstaging Bethenny's pregnancy, Jill's grumpiness, and Kelly's "wisdom."


So let's just start with the good stuff. For an unending loop of poppin' eyes, a gif is here.

And while "Brooklyn Fashion Weekend" did come off as pretty janky (I love that a pile of garbage was parked right next to the red carpet), Jill definitely seemed to have something up her butt, serving up back-handed compliments, confronting people about their Twitter accounts (which she was apparently monitoring), and complaining about everything and anything.

Ramona's explanation (excuse?) for her verbal diarrhea is that she doesn't "edit." Kinda like premium cable. She's the Cinemax version of small talk—naughty yet not obscene.

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Also, how contrived was Bethenny's pregnancy test scene? First of all, she had two tests in her tampon drawer that were clearly already taken.

As for Sonja the "sexy pistol"—who was once married to a JP Morgan heir—I think this little montage indicates that she is bound to bring on the crazy in episodes to come. You can get her background info here.


What made me like Jill the first season, was that she had a certain warmth that I have yet to see it this season. She comes across as snide, self-centered and humorless.

I agree with Kelly that that dress was not flattering on her and Ramona's dress looked in danger of ripping at the seams. I sort of love the fact that you never know what's going to come out of Ramona's mouth, although she wouldn't be someone I would want to spend a whole lot of time with...well, unless she brought a ton of Pinot Grigio with her.

I'm sick of Betheny (spin-off, already) but Kelly has actually become more fun to watch. Who'd-a-thunk it?

As for Sonja, frankly, she scares me a little.