Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah Is Vacating the Shah Chalet: Report

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Let me try my hand at writing a tagline for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah, ahead of her trial for money laundering and fraud: “In this town, I used to be Queen Bee and MVP. Now, I’m the lady who everyone says gets arrested on the side of a highway.” No, that’s too mouthy. What about: “My house and business might be fake, but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep it real.” I’m getting there, right? Perhaps I should tie in her upcoming eviction.


The Sun reports that Shah will have to film somewhere else, as the home she once passed off as hers was put on the market and sold the same day. That was quick! On the first season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, newcomer Shah openly flaunted a massive, $4 million home dubbed the “Shah Ski Chalet.” It was featured in almost all of her “confessional” and at-home scenes, and was where she hosted the season’s wildest and most memorable party, made famous by co-star Mary’s declaration that Shah “smelled like hospital.” Almost immediately after the reunion wrapped, however, Shah was arrested for running an alleged telemarketing scam by the feds while filming the upcoming season. In the document dump that followed, New York Post reported that “Shah Ski Chalet” was actually a rental. The Post also reported that owners for had “no idea” Shah was passing it off as her own on television.

The Sun provides a helpful list of amenities in the home, just to illustrate its grandeur—if “home” is even an apt word for this ski slope castle. Not only does it border on 10,000 sq. ft., it has a wine cellar, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi sets, golf course views, and vaulted ceilings held up by luxurious wood beams. Contrary to claims by Shah that she owned multiple homes, including this one, The Sun adds that it “could not substantiate” those claims. Her lawyers in court, meanwhile, told a judge they also didn’t believe their client owned property, according to reports.

There’s a lot of genuinely wild details to this story, but the one that sticks with me most is despite her looming trial, and possible 30-year prison sentence, Shah has chosen to continue filming the next season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Teresa Giudice may have cobbled together a playbook for national-news-making, federally prosecuted reality television stars. But Jen Shah? She’s already sold the book and its sequels, baby!


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I investigate fraud professionally, and I find the most egregious thing about this story to be that her abode wasn’t dubbed The Shahlet.

I mean, come on. Book her for crimes against branding.