Last night's premiere was everything I was hoping for. One woman was stood up by a man she met on a social networking site, and then later there was a bitchfest in a beauty salon.

Teresa is my favorite so far. Her stage mothering, her refusal to purchase a used home ("I don't want to live in somebody else's house. That's gross."), her "buh-bees"…it's all — as she would say — juicy and delicious.

I love that her husband pretends that he has absolutely no connection to the Mafia. That computer is old, not turned on, and that Post It has nothing written on it.

The best thing Teresa said last night was, "I heard the economy was crashin' so I pay for everything with cash."


She was carrying around six figures in her bag.

Danielle is great because while she doesn't have a job, she stays active with her hobby.