Real Housewives: Jill Gets A Hobby

All season, Jill has been obsessing about a voicemail in which Bethenny told her that she needs to "get a hobby." It would seem that Jill's new hobby is talking about Hobby-Gate.

I knew that—considering how much she's been talking about it—the voicemail would make its way into an episode. It finally did, during Jill and LuAnn's session with that facacta psychic. (Seriously, she predict anything to Jill, she just seemed to analyze Real Housewives footage, which I'd be glad to do for Jill, free of charge.) In my opinion, this voicemail isn't that bad. I thought it was going to be way more cruel.

After having not spoken with each other in three months, Bethenny and Jill saw each other at the Jill Stuart runway show. Bethenny tried to have it out, but Jill—the self-proclaimed "queen of accountability"—didn't want to get into it, meaning that there will most certainly be some kind of sit down in a future episode where the two women will either lose their hostility or lose their manners.

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LuAnn was asked to host an Ungaro event during fashion week, and Dina and Lindsay were there, making this the third Lohan appearance on the Real Housewives franchise. (Michael appeared in the episode when Sheree tugged at Kim's wig in Atlanta.)

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This was the best shot the camera crew could get of Lindsay that evening. In the handful of times that I've hallucinated in my life, I always thought that the people I was looking at were wearing glasses when they weren't. I had a flashback of that when I looked at Lindsay in this still.

Apparently LuAnn and Jill are both friendly with Dina, as they explain in this clip. The best part is that Jill totally got no-shoes drunk, and was way more confrontational than at the Jill Stuart show. It was a lot of fun to watch.



Re: Jill totally got no-shoes drunk

1. Trying to decide if the term 'no-shoes drunk' is better than Tamara's 'day drunk'. That thought was cut short as I imagined myself getting no-shoes day drunk....

2. But I digress, Jill does not actually drink, correct?

3. I have never noticed how thin Alex is.