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Real Housewives: Eat, Pray, Fight

On last night's episode, the gals were having lunch in San Francisco, and began bickering at the table, which turned into a full-on fight. They took it outside, where Vicki began crying, and then they all made up and prayed.

Alexis decided to stir up shit by confronting Vicki about a benign comment she made previously - namely, that her husband works - that some of the ladies took offense to (because they and their husbands don't). Although Vicki told Alexis to "bring it," she couldn't really handle "it" and stormed out of the restaurant.

Vicki's daughter Brianna was there, making things way more awkward. Brianna has tumors on her neck, which were recently biopsied, and the trip in San Francisco was supposed to take her mind off her health issues while she waited for the results of her test. Naturally, she tried to stick up for her mother, but was resentful of the fact that she felt like the only adult in the situation. To make matters worse, she went outside to calm her mother down, but Vicki began acting just as childishly as the others.

Then all the ladies went outside to tell Vicki that they love her and want her to return to lunch. Another fight flared up.

And then they held hands and prayed.


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I find the phrase, "I'll pray for you" so offensive. (If someone says it to ME, that is.) ESPECIALLY if it comes from someone like Alexis.