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Real Housewife Gets Called Out On Secret, Off-Camera Boyfriend

On last night's reunion show, we heard a juicy story about Gretchen - the younger woman with an older, terminally ill fiancé - that corroborated a story a supposed boyfriend she had on the side.

Earlier this week, we pointed out a National Enquirer story about a man who says he was dating Gretchen throughout her relationship with Jeff, who passed away in September, and that this man - Jay Photoglou - moved in to her home shortly thereafter. He allegedly broke up with her because she went on a date with former cast member Slade Smiley, who was arrested at Gretchen's house last week. It kinda all makes sense now why the girls weren't very nice to her during filming.


Interestingly, when host Andy Coen asked Gretchen if she was more like All About Eve or Florence Nightingale, she didn't know either reference to properly answer the question.


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Listen, I hate to do this but I feel I must point out how SEETHINGLY JEALOUS Tamra and Vicki are of Gretchen.