On last night's season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis Bellino—who hasn't exactly been known for her feminism or deep thoughts throughout her two-season career on reality TV—said that "the problem with America today" has to do with the fact that women are now able to run for president and do everything that a man can do. No, really. She said this.

Alexis then went on to extoll her traditional marriage by saying, "Everybody thinks [my husband] bosses me around. And it's OK because he is the man." In case you think that maybe Alexis was just a victim of some evil editing, she actually clarified her points in her blog this week:

I think America is going through a liberal movement, and the older, more traditional marriage values are becoming something of the past. Jim and I are one couple who still favor a more traditional marriage rather than a liberal marriage, and because we do, it makes my marriage an interesting conversation topic. However just because we have a more traditional marriage does not mean I do not make my own decisions. As you can see just in this one episode, I chose to wear the dress I wanted, not the dress that was Jim's first choice.