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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Jack Black Got Some Of His Oscars Hooch To Go: "Take note, Joaquin Phoenix: If you want to do the crazed backwoods hobo thing right, you're gonna need a wilderness screen print T. Might I suggest something in a largemouth bass, or perhaps a mountain lion?" We say: Perhaps JP is more of a "tiger face" guy? • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Real Housewife Gets Called Out On Secret, Off-Camera Boyfriend: "Was this reunion sponsored by bumpits or what?" We say: Don't forget the corporate sponsors, Mystic Tan and Botox! • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to The Body Politic: "You guys, I was at home last night reading Vogue and sipping acai martinis when I realized that Michelle Obama has the most AMAZING right pinky finger. Her fifth metacarpal bows and tapers just so, and when she raises a cup of tea to her lips, it is only slightly raised. I can't help but wonder if this carries a larger significance, a willingness to bow to tradition, but a reticence to yield completely. Its innovativeness is beyond reproach, its elegance too masterful for words. Perhaps it is best for all women to aspire to a powerful flexor digiti minimi brevis. " We say: But did you check out her cuticles? •

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Triple besties! This is an auspicious occasion. I raise a toast to all of you fabulous Jezzies.