Rape-aXe Condom Distributed During World Cup

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Dr. Sonette Ehlers, inventor of the penis-shredding "anti-rape" (possibly a misnomer) condom Rape-aXe, is testing out 30,000 of the devices under "medical supervision" on women in South African cities during the World Cup. [NY Post, NY Daily News]



The Artist formerly known as...

Great. So now, instead of being raped, women will now also become victims of physical violence when their derailed rapist discovers, to his anger, that his dick is now all cut up? Also, I know the woman behind this has said that it is "safe", but I just don't see how this doesn't exponentially increase the risk for bloodborne STIs. In a country with a staggering HIV infection rate, this just seems downright irresponsible and idiotic.