On last night's Rachel Zoe Project, it became apparent that food is a big issue—for Rachel's husband Rodger. As the president of her company, he has to comply with her busy schedule, leaving him hungry and cranky.

Whether at fashion week in Milan or running around L.A. during Oscars season, there seems to be no time set aside in her itinerary for meals, even when the event is a dinner party or brunch. Rachel has apparently grown accustomed to this, but now that he's officially running a business with his wife, Rodger is learning firsthand that there's no time for food during high-pressure styling season. While his previous complaint was that he was starved for attention, Rodger is now just starved—literally.

Since the primary storyline of this season has been Rodger's baby fever, the question about whether Rachel is healthy enough to whether the couple even has time to conceive, let alone raise, a child.