Rachel Zoe Makes A Decision On Having Kids

On last night's finale of The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel and Roger visited an OB/GYN to discuss their chances of conceiving at their age. Rachel grappled with the idea of motherhood throughout the season, but finally made a decision.

Earlier in the episode—while in New York for the Met Ball—Rachel ruminated (via voice over) how she arrived at this point, where her career has turned into her life, and now, at 38, finds herself having to make a decision, and make it fast, about whether or not to start a family, saying that time moves by so fast and that putting her personal life on the back burner was "a choice I made without actually knowing I was making [it]."

And after a season's worth of pressure from everyone in her life—her husband, her parents, her sister, her makeup artist, even Kate freaking Hudson (but not Brad, who seems kind of over it)—to just start a family already, Rachel made an appointment with "the 'female' doctor."

The doctor mentioned getting Rachel "healthy" enough to conceive, and also suggested a blood test, which she refused to take, much to Roger's annoyance. Rachel's sister Pam—in what was obviously a choreographed heart-to-heart conversation with Joey the makeup guy—mentioned that Rachel had asked her in the past to serve as a surrogate mother, to which Pam did not agree.


Back at their apartment, Roger continued to pester Rachel about the blood test, and then, while seemingly trying to give her a pep talk about how everything will be OK once they have a family, he pulled a major boner when he told her that her drive for her career "is silly."

In the end, Rachel admitted, "I think if I said to Roger I didn't want to have a child we'd have major marital problems." But then added, "We are meant to be parents and I want to do it. I'm not totally sure how yet, but we're gonna do it. Period. The end."

Which means that season four will be about outsourcing a pregnancy?



Am I reading too much into this blood test? I guess I assumed it might pertain to the Ashkenazi Jewish genetic diseases ... (esp. since they seem to be emphasizing Rachel's Judaism lately). Which makes Roger's intense pressure to take the blood test RIGHT then makes me squirm.