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Rachel Jeantel Remembers Trayvon in Heartbreaking Interview

Illustration for article titled Rachel Jeantel Remembers Trayvon in Heartbreaking Interview

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin's friend and the prosecution's star witness, sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about her buddy. The interview is both lovely and painful — she's such an authentic, brave teenage girl, and it sounds like Travyon was a great kid.


We all know how many saw her during the trial, and how at least one of the jurors understood her (or didn't), but I don't know how you watch this and see anything but an unfiltered, genuine teenager. One who suffered the tragic loss of a friend she spent hours and hours on the phone with each day. When she starts talking about Trayvon and their plans for life, it's just... it's heart-wrenching.



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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Trayvon was a conplicated young man, but he sounded fundamentally good. Like most people. Get ready for the FOX barrage saying that Trayvon was a criminal because he had "a record." Because, y'know, every kid who fucks up in high school deserves to be killed.

I'd like to see how anyone would hold up as a witness in a trial. Let alone a teenager.