R. Kelly Is the Subject of Criminal Investigations Across Three States [Updated]

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R. Kelly is now the subject of multiple criminal investigations across Illinois, Georgia, and New York.


Jim DeRogatis reports in The New Yorker that in addition to Illinois prosectors preparing to charge Kelly for a newly surfaced tape depicting sex acts between the singer and an underage girl, an F.B.I. and I.R.S. investigation has led to a second grand jury being convened in the Southern District of New York.

There’s also a third grand jury planning to convene in the Eastern District of New York in connection to a D.H.S. investigation into R. Kelly transporting girls across state lines for “immoral purposes.” The investigation concerns a girl Kelly began a relationship with in 2015 in Florida when she was underage. Her parents say that she’s being held in Kelly’s homes in Chicago and Atlanta.

And in Fulton County, Georgia, where DeRogatis previously reported Kelly was allegedly holding women against their will in “a cult,” officials are finally looking into the allegations and opening an investigation.

Allegations against R. Kelly concerning his abuse and sexual assault of underaged women have been mounting in recent years especially after DeRogatis’s Buzzfeed investigation into the “cult” allegations and the recent Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly which helped re-open the case in Georgia. In the past year or so RCA Records has reportedly dropped R. Kelly, key members of his legal and publicity team have quit, and radio stations have begun banning his music.

Update, 2:32 P.M.: R. Kelly has been charged in Cook County, Illinois with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse, the Chicago Tribune reports. According to CBS Chicago, nine of the counts list the victim as between 13 and 16 and that the abuse occurred between 1998 and 2001. A no-bail warrant for Kelly’s arrest was signed Friday morning.



does the law he broke actually say “for immoral purposes”? that seems so vague. who decides what is moral? FTR obviously transporting underage girls for sex is immoral. but i’m wondering about grey areas. if i transported an underage girl across state lines to give her medically accurate sex education, mike pence would see me burned at the stake. meanwhile, i think anyone pushing abstinence-only education is highly immoral. whose morals count here?

ps: i just read the article about CO’s sex education bill, that’s why this is the first example i thought of.

pps: also weird that "across state lines" is a thing? why is it not illegal to just do a crime within the state?