R. Kelly Is Being Sued by A Mississippi Sheriff's Deputy Over Alleged Affair


I don’t spend much time thinking about R. Kelly these days except for when I hear “Ignition” at the grocery store or whatever and find myself singing along because I can’t help it. Since I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath to hear what he’s up to, here’s a quick update: he’s being sued for damages caused by an affair he allegedly had with a sheriff’s deputy in Mississippi.


Hinds County Deputy Kenny Bryant is suing R. Kelly for “emotional, psychological and financial loss” in the wake of an alleged affair the singer had with his wife. Apparently Bryant’s wife, Asia Childress, owned up to having a relationship with Kelly before they got married in July 2012; according to Bryant, they started back up again after she attended one of his concerts. Then, Bryant’s wife allegedly convinced him to quit his job in Mississippi and move to Atlanta—not so that he could further his career as she said, but so that she could keep doin’ it with R. Kelly.

Another fun fact about this sordid tale: Childress alleges that R. Kelly also gave her chlamydia around the time that she started the affair. Yikes.

That concludes your R. Kelly update. Sorry about that. Thanks for your time.

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Madonna’s stalker Robert Linhart is suing the NYPD for an “alleged beatdown” that occurred outside of the singer’s home in 2010, but he’s extra mad because the court scheduled his trial to start on September 11.

Linhart and his attorney, Pete Gleason, are pissed because they’re both retired members of FDNY. Gleason tells TMZ lower Manhattan courts should be closed on 9/11 in remembrance of officers who died responding to the World Trade Center.

They are petitioning the court to move the start date, ASAP.

Linhart also tried to get the NYPD to settle with him for $5 million to make this lawsuit go away, but they weren’t having it, either, so we’ll see how this goes.


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I’m incapable of outdoing this headline from the Daily Mail, so I will just leave it here and direct you to the “un-airbrushed bikini furore” to assess for yourself.

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