PYPO Is Your Latest Lady-Centric Content Site

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Veep director and producer Stephanie Laing is launching a women’s-centric #content site/network called PYPO. PYPO!


PYPO stands for Put Your Pretty On—an interesting name, if nothing else—and launches on January 4, 2016. PYPO wants to be a source of expression for women everywhere (sort of like Lena Denham’s pet project Lenny), but particularly for women in Hollywood, it seems.

The site’s co-creator is Susan Paley, who used to be the CEO of the now defunct Beats by Dre (which has since folded into Apple Music). Their editor-in-chief is Elizabeth Thorp, from D.C.’s Capital File magazine.

According to a press release, PYPO’s broad mission is to “start a two-way conversation with women and men everywhere and to bring honest, open perspectives into the stories/issues discussed across the internet.”

The content crew, a small white melting pot, consists of: Veep writers Georgia Pritchett and Tony Roche, Lea Goldman (Marie Claire executive editor), Paula Froelich (Yahoo Travel editor-in-chief), Laurie Cole (a SoulCycle founding instructor) and Jessica Richards (Shen Beauty).

Mashable further reports:

Each week, PYPO will explore new themes and topics such as sorry not sorry, crying and masturbation. Content will include original, comedic sketches and animations, compelling articles and editorial collaborations.


In an initial announcement published on Medium on December 1, Laing explained the origins of the site, writing:

I’m creating a platform (no dying cats allowed) for women, by women (with some support from our male friends). PYPO will be a fun, frank and disruptive platform where we take control of the conversation. We’re taking back lady, bitch, girl, milf, sweetie, honey and more, only to redefine them. We’ll update “having it all” and show the world how we “put our pretty on.” We have to help each other.


“Put our pretty on” is a phrase concocted years ago by Laing’s now 10-year-old daughter that “represents ‘pretty’ from the inside out and validation.”

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Das, evil rabbit and obnoxious (half)german

“We are ladies, girls, lovelies, bitches, MILFs, princesses & so much more. Frank. Disruptive. Fun. PYPEin.” “Crazy Woman: 1/2 mile.”

Does this kind of thing bother anyone else??? It seems (to me, anyway) that this is aimed towards the “I-never-left-the-princess-stage” demographic that doesn’t seem to understand the differences between being a toddler and being an adult woman... you know, the kind of person who is irresponsible and immature and thinks that other people are just ~hAteRs~ who don’t get her spontaneity?

Or perhaps I’m overthinking this.