Puppy Too Fat to Get Out of Salad Bowl

I'm telling you, there's no way that puppy actually ate that salad (unless it was made entirely of bacon) (SNAP) (not really, that was terrible).


Ugh, sorry, I did not mean to fat shame the puppy — all puppies have different body types, and he's perfect just the way he is. <3


Alright Jezebel, since this post is a lighthearted video about puppies I feel I can comment a grievance here. I don't actually know where else to comment, a lot of the new features aren't obvious to me yet. So, exactly all of the comments I have made have never come out of pending. I'm not really sure why. I am not spam, I am literate, and I put some thought into my comments. Is it because I comment too late after an article is posted? My opinions aren't good enough? I am not actually literate? I thought comments, regardless of social connection or stars or being followed, would eventually be approved out of pending. I am missing something, and it's really discouraging. Why the hierarchy? Less than a handful of comments are ever spam anyway.