Puppy-Throwing Girl Apprehended By Bosnian Police

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The authorities believe they've found the girl who became infamous for drowning six puppies on camera. She's apparently a minor, but could still face a $6,400 fine for animal cruelty.

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I am an ecofeminist, an animal rights activist, a former shelter worker, a vegetarian... and the coverage of this whole thing has done nothing but piss me off. Who are all you people to be acting like this girl is uniquely terrible? Is everyone that's criticizing her a vegetarian? Do y'all at least eat meat raised at small farms and then humanely slaughtered (which immediately excludes anything kosher or halal)? I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that, no, not many of you do. You are engaging in shit equally horrendous every day, but because it's not direct and not against puppies, no one gives a flying fuck. Puppies are socially constructed in America as having this special sentimental significance, but as a commenter pointed out on the other thread, there is a huge stray dog population in Eastern Europe and these puppies are actually considered pests. If she were doing this to rats, would you care? No, no you wouldn't.

So everyone get down off your high pedestals— or at least put down that fucking chicken leg first that almost certainly came from a bird who had its toes chopped off to prevent it from scratching out the eyes of the other chickens in the tiny cages they were kept in— and get a grip. The only thing as disgusting as animal abuse is the hypocrisy that we display in our attitudes towards it.