Puppy-Throwing Girl Enrages The Internet Masses

In this (fucked-up, not-suitable-for-breakfast-viewing) video, a girl tosses a bunch of puppies in a river. Luckily, the pups are being avenged by the most moral people on the Internet: 4chan users.

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According to Gawker, once users of 4chan's /b/ board got wind of the puppy abuser, they set out to find it and punish her. The video was posted to /b/ along with the message "Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river" — and users now think they've found her Facebook profile and that of the dude who shot the video. /b/ is mounting a harassment campaign accordingly — because clearly Internet-based vigilante justice meted out by noted assholes is the best way to eliminate cruelty to animals.

4chan's /b/ users made headlines earlier in the summer for bullying a child to tears, and though they appear to be turning their attentions to shaming animal abusers, this doesn't exactly make them saints. Frankly, if you're actually concerned about animal welfare, volunteer at your local shelter or something — don't sit at your computer waiting for someone to upload a video of puppy-drowning so you can call her a "little bitch." Rage-against-animal-cruelty just seems like the next permutation of general /b/ rage, and as horrific as the above puppy video is, it also just seems like an excuse for the same kind of fuckery /b/ has perpetrated against far less deserving targets. /b/ users need to quit harassing kids for more than a month and a half before they can set themselves up as advocates for the defenseless — or, to put it another way, let him who is without sin cast the first puppy.


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As sickening as the animal cruelty is (and it is agonizingly so), the comments against the girl on 4chan only twist my stomach in a different way.


I know it should come as no shock to see this kind of garbage from a place like /b/, but seeing comment after comment about how the bitch/whore/cunt needs to be destroyed, or sentiments like "This is why we should hate women"? Doesn't make me feel better at all. The girl is not a whore. Terrible and unfeeling and vaguely subhuman, yes; but to add the extra layer of misogynistic delight to the vigilante spirit just makes me feel sicker.