SFist alerts us to the LIVE PUPPY CAM for Puppy Bowl IX. Not only is it adorable, it's a great way to decide the puppies to bet on.


You KNOW Puppy Bowl gambling is a big problem — cats turning tricks with rabbits just to earn extra cash to put on Daffodil pooping on the ref before the first quarter. You know, just the usual stuff people bet on in sports.

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Awww....there is nothing better than a live puppy cam, even if they're asleep. Heck, even if they're off-camera it works, because you know there's something adorable just off to the side.

On another note, we've all at one point or another bemoaned Kinja for giving the most dumbass trolls free reign to elevate the discourse at will, but I'm sad to see it even affect the spammers. Time was a comment section would be overrun with morons trying to convince you to click on a shady link to find out how to earn big cash money at home. It was a noble and time-honored profession, and added considerably to the debate. Now, with everyone already approved, we get idiots spamming boards who don't even know how to properly put a link in HTML. How am I supposed to have my identity stolen if I can't follow the link?