Pug Puppies Get a Bath, and Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Puppies in a tub, you'd better knock it off with the insane amounts of cuteness!


I'm gonna go full-on animal loving weirdo here and say that I don't enjoy the puppies getting soap in their little puppy eyes, and I wish there was a drain stopper in the rinse sink! However, I do have to give these people props because I've fostered several litters and never attempted to give any puppies a bath — puppies are made of wiggles! (Please don't report me.) (They still smelled mainly good.)

UPDATE: Ugh, I'm sorry, I missed the post from a few days ago; I Googled it, and didn't click through to see Anna's excellent piece! Here's an adorable pug video that hasn't been on Jezebel to atone for my sins:


Ahhhh! The second video is the video my favorite pug gif was made from!!! I had a bad day, and this made everything better.