Pubic Hair Is Back or Something (Again)

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Pubic hair is back in, apparently. Not because we've suddenly found it sexy again but because most of us have just given up the fight? Men don't care and ladies don't have time in between running Fortune 500 companies and binge-watching Scandal.

According to The Telegraph, fifty-one percent of 1,870 women who answered an online pharmacy poll in the UK said they don't "style or groom their pubic hair" with forty-five percent saying they can "no longer be bothered to keep up the grooming" and sixty-two percent revealing that their partner "prefers the natural look".

Ladies, throw those razors away immediately. Or save them for your legs or an art project. (An art project involving your legs? Eh? Eh?)


Or keep shaving, waxing, do whatever the fuck you want to do. It's your pubic hair; grow it into dreads and then use those dreads as hair for your doll collection. It's your hot body, you do what you want.


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I really hope everyone posts their own personal pubic grooming preferences, and their reasons for this preference. I need to update my spreadsheet.