What have you discovered this year that tickles you as much as Billy On The Street tickles Nicki Minaj? Please, think of something. I’ll wait.


This clip of Billy Eichner gently harranguing a woman about La La Land, a movie in which Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing about jazz, love, loss and the wonders of Los Angeles, is beautiful in and of itself. Note how this woman could not give less of a shit about Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling or Oscar buzz (same). Also note how this woman is decidedly not here for any of these questions and feels totally okay just letting him know. This is standard Billy on the Street shtick, but what makes this clip even better is, as Vulture points out, Nicki Minaj’s wild emotional rollercoaster of feelings that she is undoubtedly still processing.

“The way he delivers his final line is icoNIC!” Minaj writes –those extra capital letters at the end of the last word surely meant to convey EXTREME EXCITEMENT and INCREDULITY at discovering something so brilliant. She offers us a beautiful lesson to take into 2017: “Remind me to call someone SWEETIE while telling them not to call me babe.”

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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