Promoters Are Trying to Revive That Whitney Houston Hologram Deal That Nobody Wants Anyway

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You might remember that last year the world almost witnessed a Whitney Houston hologram duet with Christina Aguilera before the former singer’s estate cancelled the performance because it looked, well, very bad.

Now the company that made the hologram, Hologram USA, is taking Houston’s estate to court, saying that they had no right to cancel the licensing agreement. The suit includes a letter from the singer’s estate alleging that the company failed to deliver an accurate holographic representation of Houston.


Hologram USA, who was supposed to tour the hologram across the world and has developed holograms for artists like Billie Holliday and Judy Garland, has tried a few times to revive the deal but to no avail. Now the company is asking a judge to declare that the estate has failed to abide by their contract by not approving the hologram.

How about let’s let Whitney Houston rest in peace and stop making holograms out of dead celebrities? Just a thought!

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