Holograms will ruin the world.

The leaked video below appears to be footage from the finale of The Voice and shows Christina Aguilera singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” before welcoming out a hologram that’s supposed to look like Whitney Houston but doesn’t because holograms are sick. “Ladies and gentlemen, Whitney Houston,” says Aguilera. Actually? NOT Whitney Houston? According to TMZ:

It was supposed to be a surprise for Monday’s season finale of the The Voice — though there’s been a ton of buzz about it, so the surprise was already kinda blown. It’s unclear who got the footage or how it ended up on a Facebook page ... but it’s already been taken down.


In a video taken from a Facebook page that still had the footage up in the middle of me writing this post, the troubling Whitney hologram helps finish the duet of “I Have Nothing” and then “I’m Every Woman” and you don’t really want to see it but you will when The Voice airs.

Hm. Uh....Zoinks.


Image screengrabs via Facebook/NBC

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