There are some angry people out there this Valentine's Day, thanks to ProFlowers delivering some jankity bouquets. Unless there's a beautiful arrangement hidden inside an ugly-ass facade — kinda like the old man on Scooby Doo? — ProFlowers has some explaining to do. Of course, these might just be anomalies on the biggest day of the year, so it's hard to judge too harshly, right?




Update: These photos were just sent in from Krystal, who's fiance ordered them to surprise her for Valentine's Day... they're soaking wet!

UPDATE: Proflowers sent this email:

ProFlowers would like all of our customers to know that we hear all the feedback, tweets and posts and we understand that in some areas we didn't deliver the "wow" experience that we are committed to giving to our customers.

We take tremendous pride in sending the highest quality, freshest flowers – and we do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Many of our customers may not be aware that our flowers are hand-selected and shipped fresh from the fields and we cut out the middlemen. We ship flowers in bud form, and upon arrival, our flowers need a little nurturing. We include special care instructions. Customers need to trim, arrange, feed and water the flowers. This ensures that our flowers last much longer than those that arrive in full bloom. That way, customers get to watch the flowers bloom for seven days, guaranteed. ProFlowers guarantees seven days of fresh flowers.

Sometimes expectations are not met, but we are 100% committed to making customers happy. We take customer service very seriously. ProFlowers is responding to every single tweet, every call, every Facebook post, and every email. We are addressing every single customer to make it as right as we can.

We encourage any customer who is not satisfied with their Valentine's Day order to please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

Amy Toosley
Director, Public Affairs and Corporate Relations
The phone number is 858-909-4183 and the email is