Principal Pointlessly Threatens Student Who Protested Abstinence Rally

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Katelyn Campbell, the high school student who notified the media about Pam Stenzel's insane abstinence-only presentation last week, is apparently being threatened by her principal. She says that George Aulenbacher, the principal at George Washington High School in West Virginia, said he'd call Wellesley College — Campbell plans to attend in the fall — to report that she has “bad character.” Unfortunately for Aulenbacher, Wellesley College appears to not give a shit — having recently posted to their Facebook page and Twitter: "Katelyn Campbell, Wellesley is excited to welcome you this fall."



It's a shame that this is what Aulenbacher is taking away from the Stenzel fiasco. Obviously there is anger, outrage, and hurt in his school and community — and instead of addressing it, he's trying to contain it. Dude, it's too late. The train has left the station — perhaps it's time to deal with the reality of the mess. It's not too late to make it better — all you have to do is acknowledge the fact that abstinence-only education doesn't work, and provide some alternatives. It's an exciting opportunity to make things right; let's hope he sees the condom-shaped light.

UPDATE: A former George Washington High student has started a petition to ask the school to offer a comprehensive sex education lecture from Planned Parenthood. Sign it here.


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I find it hilarious that he thought Wellesley would give a crap about his idiotic attempt to ruin the future of an intelligent and conscientious student. Clearly these people see nothing outside their own little bubbles. Any of the thousands of New England colleges and universities would want someone like her.