Prince Harry Seeks Interns

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In the midst of his grand Caribbean tour, Prince Harry has made an announcement: applications are now open for six-week internships at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, climaxing at the orgy of wacky hats that is Royal Ascot 2017.


Unfortunately, this is not an opportunity to spend several weeks lurking winsomely about Prince Harry’s offices and therefore one last shot to ingratiate yourself before Meghan Markle locks it down. Rather, these are specifically billed as “Royal Household Hospitality Scholarships” which People reports are available to hospitality pros in nine Caribbean countries—a chance to “be attached to the Master of the Household’s department in the planning and delivery of all entertaining hosted by The Queen and senior members of The Royal Family.” Specifically:

This includes catering in the Royal Kitchen, housekeeping and caring for artwork and furnishings and front-of-house duties such as greeting guests and serving food and drinks. Each scholar will learn new techniques and will receive a certificate of completion from the Royal Household at the end of the six week placement.

They will all undertake a six-week project to advance their skills in their chosen area of expertise. This could range from learning complex chocolate and sugar craft, performing duties for Her Majesty’s guests at Windsor Castle during Royal Ascot week or shadowing the service team at official and private events during this busy period.

“These young people will then come home and share their skills and knowledge with others working across hotels and restaurants,” Prince Harry said in the announcement.

Frankly I’d rather learn high-level sugar craft than bag a prince any day.

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