Prince Harry’s tour of the Caribbean has continued with a stop in Barbados, and he lived everybody’s dream trip to the island when he met Rihanna.

The two were introduced yesterday at a reception. The Express says Harry had just 20 minutes of warning he was about to meet Rihanna; originally they weren’t scheduled to be introduced until later. The extremely smooth greeting Harry managed to cook up on the spot: “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you.”

That meeting was followed by a joint appearance at yesterday evening’s Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Barbados’s independence.


The crowd was more excited to see Rihanna than Prince Harry, because she’s fucking Rihanna.


On Thursday, they made another appearance together at World AIDS Day. At the event, Harry repeated his public HIV test from this summer—and this time, Rihanna joined in.

Later, they hugged.


These two should just keep rambling the world together indefinitely. Not dating, just a couple of pals wandering around getting into photogenic scrapes and raising awareness for various charitable causes.