Prince Harry Got a Lot of People in the UK to Take HIV Tests

Earlier this month, Prince Harry did an HIV test on Facebook Live that racked up two million views. At least one UK organization says requests for their HIV self-tests have shot up ever since.


The redheaded royal visited London’s Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic on July 14 and did a quick test—broadcast live—to raise awareness about the importance of knowing your status, as well as just how quick and easy the tests have gotten. (The Washington Post notes the appearance was part of a broader royal efforts against the disease.) Now the Telegraph says that it looks the exercise did some good; the Terrence Higgins Trust says they’ve seen five times as many requests for self-testing kits they’re offering as part of a pilot program.

The charity said they were already getting a steady stream of orders of the tests for their pilot scheme, which allows people to test themselves for HIV in their own homes.

However, after the prince’s broadcast, this increased five fold to 150 tests a day.

The innovative BioSure HIV self tests require a small drop of blood and can give you a 99.7% accurate result within 15 minutes.


Meanwhile, birthday boy Prince George is getting shit for attempting to feed ice cream to the family dog in his latest batch of photos for the public. Adjust your Windsor family power rankings accordingly.

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Prince Harry could get me to do a lot of things.