Prince Harry Is Lonely in Los Angeles

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Prince Harry is having a hard time adjusting to his new non-royal life in Los Angeles, a lonely city even when you are allowed to step outside your home. As a source told Vanity Fair,

“He has a lot of friends in the military community in the UK and of course he misses them. This is a very strange time for us all, but I think Harry is missing having a structure to his life right now. He doesn’t have friends in L.A. like Meghan and he doesn’t have a job. So at the moment he’s a bit rudderless, but it won’t always be like this, and he knows that.”


Apparently the echo of his own voice down the hallways of his mansion aren’t quite cutting it, friendship-wise! This is actually the second time Harry’s loneliness has made the news lately—in April, the Telegraph reported similarly that Harry was sad. Join the club, Harry!

“Harry has told friends he is really missing the Army as well as his military appointments. He misses the camaraderie of being in the forces,” a royal insider told the newspaper. “He has been telling friends that he still can’t believe this has happened. He can’t believe his life has been turned upside down.”

The source adds that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Meghan, if that’s what you were thinking:

“He was in a happy place when he was serving in the Army, then he met Meghan and since then life has been great. But I don’t think he foresaw things turning out quite as they did,” the insider added. “Of course he doesn’t blame Meghan. There is just a sense that he might have been better protected if he was still in the Army.”

Maybe this is why he and his brother are back on speaking terms? Sheer desperation? Whatever gets that gang back together, I guess!



I know he’s 35 years old, but in some ways I feel like he’s emotionally in his early 20s. This sounds, if it’s authentic, like the kind of growing up regular folks have to do when they leave the structured life of high school, college, and can’t find or don’t work an 8-5 job. “What do I do with myself?” is a real question in philosophy, psychology, and counseling. He’s rarely, perhaps never, had to do that. Even “vacations” come with the Firm’s burden of press photographs, upcoming scheduled events, etc. If it’s true that he was happiest serving in Afghanistan, then he sounds like a pretty normal male to me - needs structure, camaraderie, and alot of physical activity - and he’s getting none of that right now.