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Primary Victories for Wrestling Exec, High Heels Dude

Last night's primaries were a mixed bag both for Democratic control of Congress and for women in politics. Among other races, Republicans picked Ken Buck for Colorado Senator — because he doesn't wear high heels?


Depending on who was reading the data, last night was either promising for the Democrats (success for the White House's favorite for the Democratic nomination for Colorado Senator; weak, fringe candidates for the Republicans) or won't quite be enough to definitively stave off a Republican takeover of the Senate in November, and the House will probably flip.


Sarah Palin's preferred candidate for Georgia governor, Karen Handel, was apparently beat in the Republican primary, but a recount is possible. In Minnesota, House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher has yet to concede to her opponent in the gubernatorial primary, despite his reported 5,000 vote lead. The winner will face vocally anti-gay candidate Tom Emmer, whose pockets have been filled by Target.

Running against Bennet for Colorado Senate will be Ken Buck, who managed to overcome primary opponent Jane Norton taunting him for not being "man enough," and who suggested that voters choose him because "I don't wear high heels" and bragged about being covered in shit. (""I have cowboy boots on. They've got real bullshit on them. That's Weld County bullshit, not Washington D.C. bullshit.") And in Connecticut, former WWE executive Linda McMahon will run against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for Christopher Dodd's Senate seat.

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Dear State of Connecticut,

Lately, politics have been mired in a lot of tawdry mud-slinging. Your senate race represents an opportunity to get away from all the empty rhetoric and political posturing that we've grown so weary of.

I respectfully request, on behalf of every red-blooded American that has ever misspelled a Tea Party sign, attended a monster truck demolition derby, or retired a vehicle to four cinderblocks next to the shed, that your newest senator be decided, not via a drawn-out campaign, but an all-out cage match. I'm sure Buzz Aldrin can make the time to emcee. America really needs this one.


Not a Resident of CT