Pretty Wild: "At Least We're Not In And Out Of Rehab"

On last night's episode, Alexis received some vague (but good?) news regarding the status of her felony robbery charge, but was bummed by her mother's nagging. She accused her mom of "bad parenting choices," with which her mother later agreed.

I'm no legal expert, but I don't understand how what this guy is saying is such good news. He "might be able to make this go away"? So that would indicate some kind of plea, right? But then they talk about pushing the trial back. And if there is a trial, then that means that there is no plea. What the hell?

Later, Alexis' mom Andrea felt stressed out by the case and and her daughters' insolence, and expressed that to her kids. Alexis freaked out and told her that she doesn't know what "bad kids" are and that Andrea has had it easy, since the girls aren't in rehab or in and out of jail. (Although technically, Alexis has been in and out of jail.) Andrea thought about it, and decided that the girls were right—she has been a crappy mom and role model, and she will try harder in the future.

And then the girls cheered themselves up with their own boobs.

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