Pretty Wild: Adderall Relieves Stress?

Last night's episode featured Alexis Neiers' preliminary hearing. Before entering court, her mom gave her Adderall for "stress." With her motion to dismiss the charges denied, she will stand trial for first-degree felony robbery of Orlando Bloom's home.

Before her court date, Alexis—with her mother Andrea—sat down to discuss her case with her criminal lawyer. Her advised her on what kind of clothes to wear and how to behave. Andrea mentioned how horrible it is when innocent people are charged with a crime, at which point, the lawyers told her to keep quiet.

While preparing for her court appearance, Alexis couldn't decide what to wear, and settled on a pair of jeans that she deemed too tight. Her concern of the fit wasn't so much about appropriateness, but about her own comfort, but resigned herself to the outfit by muttering under her breath, "Pain is beauty." In the car on the way to the courthouse, she said she was stressed, and asked her mom for some Adderall, which is actually an amphetamine.

The preliminary hearing was held to determine if there was enough evidence in order for Alexis' case to go to trial. You can hear all the evidence against her that the LAPD detective lists in his testimony. It's pretty strong. The judge decided that the case would indeed go to trial.

I feel like this show should be called Tits & Tears, because that's basically what's on display. I haven't included any examples of the former, because it's just a bit too NSFW. The girls frequently take off their tops and bras, and E! only slightly blurs their areolas and nipples. Also, the girls are always crying about something. In this clip, it's the paparazzi. Alexis is upset that her life is now public and that there are cameras always in her face. (She says this during an interview in which a camera is in her face.) The homeowners association of the family's development has issued a complaint about the cameras (although it's not exactly clear if they're upset with the paparazzi, or the E! cameras), and the family decides that they will move closer to Hollywood, where their "lifestyle" is more accepted.



If this show doesn't glorify fame-at-all costs, I don't know what does. She has no claim to fame except robbing celebrities, correct? (Her mother being a no-name model 25 years ago doesn't even come close to counting.) Why on Earth do these people have a show?