President Obama To Sit Down With Trevor Noah on The Daily Show in Last Appearance as President

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Photo: Getty

Just a couple weeks after entertaining the effervescent terror of Tomi Lahren, Trevor Noah will sit down with President Obama for his last appearance on a late-night show as president.

Deadline reports that the the interview airing on December 12 will be simulcast on MTV and BET, and will be the first time has Obama appeared on The Daily Show since Jon Stewart’s departure. This is likely the most high-profile interview for Noah; Bill Clinton, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have graced The Daily Show stage, but this interview from the White House is a doozy.

Though it’s hard to believe, he’s the first sitting president to appear on late night television, and every appeareance has been marked with the candor, warmth and humor that we’ve come to know and love.


Consider his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show in June, where he gamely participated in “Slow Jam The News,” listing his accomplishments in office, backed by The Roots and accompanied by a gleeful Fallon who can’t seem to believe his dumb luck. Even if Trevor Noah chokes, it doesn’t matter. Obama’s got this.

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Obama has class.

And he’s funny.

And he’s really smart.

The next four years? Obama is going to look better and better as time goes on.